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Ruach Shtut

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Location: Kibbutz Gan Shmuel (entrance). Near Hadera

Phone: 058-501-0111



‘For those looking to pick strawberries, we spent the afternoon at Ruach Shtut (רוח שתות ). We were all alone and it was quiet and breezy. Tons of berries. They turned on the movie, heated up the chocolate and brought out the art supplies for us. A very sweet time. It cost 50 shekel a person. The strawberries cost quite a bit at the local organic shop, so you can factor that in. Each person gets a container to fill, plus it’s all you can eat while you are picking and chocolate dipping. There are also tables set up in case you want to bring a meal and a table with water (hot and cold) coffee and tea..’


RuachShtut is an agricultural field of Strawberries, Blackberries and Seasonal Flowers in a special setting.

We invite you to break away, for a while, from your digital lives and come touch the ground, feel the soil, see the colors, breathe aromas and taste flavors from the past. Come pick strawberries straight from the field; strawberries which have not been sprayed with any chemicals and taste as sweet as Mother Nature intended them to be.

At RuachShtut we grow a variety of strawberries, each type developed to be especially delicious. All of them are products of Israeli agricultural engineering. Our agriculture combines advanced methods with traditional ones. Here you can learn about growing detached from the soil and about biological pest control which enables growing healthy produce without using chemicals. Other technologies you’ll learn about are soil cultivation processes and advanced computerized fertilizing as well as water reuse and employing bee hives for pollination needs. This is advanced agriculture at its best with a commitment to maintaining the ecological balance inherent in nature.

Here you can pick our strawberries and eat them straight from the field, fully confident that they are completely clean of toxic residues!

We invite you to come and enjoy this group-building experience which will enable you to ponder some interesting questions of life: What’s the connection between flowers and strawberries? What do bees do and how? How do plants get their life energy and how is this related to the sun? You’ll also meet plenty of strawberries and see what they really look like before being packaged in plastic boxes and shipped to supermarkets!

Entrance includes: Eating strawberries – free of all pesticides! Guided tour and explanation of the site Transparent bee hives Video Creative activities for children Chocolate fondue for dipping strawberries 250g basket of strawberries to take home Herbal Tea Strawberries for sale (seasonal) Colorful flowers you can pick yourself (sold by quantity – seasonal) Red and black (Osna) raspberries you can pick yourself (sold by quantity – seasonal) With appointment in advance, special group rates according to selected activities for: Organized groups Kindergarten and school children Birthday parties To coordinate groups, please call: 050-5457988

To coordinate activities, please call: 058-5010111

RuachShtut is located at the entrance to Kibbutz Gan Shmuel (Road 65) near the commercial center.

There is plenty of free parking, including handicap and wheelchair accessibility to greenhouses unique in their kind. The strawberries grow in greenhouses, so the site is open even on rainy days!

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