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Rosh Pinah Adventure

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Location: Boulevard Street, Old Rosh Pinah

Recommended by:

Tali Yahav Amir

A great experience combining history and technology - the kids connected, the parents had fun and it was all part of an amazing walk in the alleys of old Rosh Pinah! Highly recommended, waiting for the next adventure!


Rosh Pinah Adventure - a historical augmented reality magical mystery tour - *NOW ALSO IN ENGLISH!!!*

It’s the year 1889 - the tranquility of Rosh Pinah, a quiet settlement in the north, is violated as a theft of the Baron's money is discovered.

Who stole the money? Why?

Will the residents of the settlement be able to find them?

We will meet in the Baron Garden where you receive a short tutorial, at the end of which the group will be launched to solve the mystery!

We will activate your brains (and legs), solve puzzles, find the stolen money of the Baron, live through the settlement's vibrant history - all this with the help of the first settlers via Augmented Reality.

Using smartphones, you will see the ancient walls moving apart, and ancient characters emerging as colored human-sized holograms, communicating with you and assisting you in solving the mystery.

The participants will love the animation, the game-play, the plot, the hiking, the riddles and the music!


1-1.5 hours


single 44 NIS4-10 participants 40 NIS per person10-20 participants 38 NIS per person20+ participants 35 NIS per person

Why is this the activity for YOU?

  1. - An innovative way to make a tour in Rosh Pinah fun and learn about the history of place. Every character tells his story and gives missions, helps the players on the way. History comes alive. The story that you take with you - because you lived it through with the characters (not just read/heard).

  2. - The game takes places in a lovely green place in the Old Rosh Pinah - Gan ha-Baron. Blooming almond trees, birds and singing

  3. - Loved by audience of all ages, kids that don't read yet can play with a supervising adult. From experience, people like playing in groups of 2-3 per device anyways

  4. - There is points system in the game (for right answers and speed), this very much appeals to older kids, from our experience

  5. - Cool extra: after the game there is a quiz about the game (who remembers what, etc.) - people can do it while waiting for their food in a restaurant afterwards or in the car/ bus on the way home

  6. - After the game, visitors can proceed to Rosh Pinah nature reserve (free entrance) where there is hundreds of blooming almonds, anemones, strong stream (and not so many visitors compared to the famous trio of Tel Dan / Snir / Banias)

  7. - After the game, visitors get special offers in the cafes and galleries of Rosh Pinah!

  8. Important: You must book in advance!

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