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Rob Roy Kayaks (Indiani)

Updated: Apr 1, 2020




Recommended by:

Yael Katz

It was AWESOME!!! very professional. very nice, and so much fun!!! not too scary for my skittish 7 year old and just enough scary for my fearless 5 year old! definitely going back there!!!


Great for younger children – they allow age 2 on the family rafts. Tame but deep water.

Rob Roy is a tourist site, located below the Sea of Galilee on the Jordan River, offering a large range of special and challenging activities promoting team work.


We will start with a welcome reception -coffee, herbal tea and dates in a Jordan Valley tradition. פעילות למשפחות-קייקיםAfter an explanation about the site, you will leave for a canoe trip through the lovely corners of the Jordan River and the Eucalyptus trees that were planted at the beginning of the twentieth century by the first settlers.

Duration of activity: approximately 1.5 hours. Suitable for ages: 2 years+. What to bring: change of clothing and shoes.

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