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Raanana Riding Club

Updated: Mar 31, 2020



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‘We had our daughters 5th birthday party at the Ra’anana Riding Center, it was amazing. There were about 40 kids there, plus parents. They were very organized, everything flowed extremely smooth. The kids loved it and so did the parents. They had a small petting zoo, then the kids rode ponies, painted horse shoes, they had a big bubble bucket, made pitas with chocolate, cotton candy machine, they had a little lesson about caring for the horses and they each got to brush a pony, they all sat and sang happy birthday around the cake and the kids gave my daughter birthday blessings. They had a section set up for water and coffee. We brought other snacks and drinks as well but they provided cups. I highly recommend it’.  


Horseback riding is a classical sport rich in tradition.

The partnership with the horses is based on mutual trust and respect and discipline.

Horseback riding builds character, enhances motoric skills, and teaches anticipation and self control.

Being an outdoor sport, the fresh air combined with being with horses adds positively to anyone’s

well being.

We at Ra’anana Riding Club create a safe and positive environment, from which especially the youth

can benefit.

We guard high standards, concerning language, dress and behavior.

Ra’anana Riding Club has a business license, insurance and is under constant veterinary inspection.

We offer the following activities: Riding lessons, competition training, side-saddle lessons, pony rides,

romantic trail rides, riding courses, summer

camp, pension for private horses, shop and birthday parties.

We wish you many happy hours in the saddle.


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