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Updated: Apr 4, 2020




Recommended by:

Sophie Vardi

“Highly recommend- kids had a fantastic time there” 


Picolonia is a unique place realistic simulation little town where kids can experience the adult world and learn how all the elements around them in everyday life are, all by looking, touching and playing a variety of activities that stimulates the imagination. Children love role-playing games “and being adult.” In Picolonia they will enjoy practicing their potential in the adult world through role playing the various pavilions. They can make money in the bank to use them in the urban supermarket shopping, they can develop social abilities while they play a role waiter or dining at the cafe in the town square The children can recognize and understand the world they live in while they are driving on the road with traffic signs, traffic lights and a gas station . They can be a cook, cashier, racing driver, a princess in a beauty saloon , a policeman catching thieves to protect the public or a fireman climbing a building, cross a bridge straight to the fire truck Picolonia city is suitable for kids ages 4-9


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