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Photography and Book Making Workshop

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Tel Aviv,Jaffo


Recommended by:

Danielle Hass

I took three children (ages 6 and 8) to a bookmaking workshop with Sharone. They absolutely loved it! He patiently guided them through various stages and processes – picking out paper, cutting, making holes, embossing – resulting in beautiful (exercise-type) books, which they use, and talk about, all the time. It’s a wonderful, relaxing couple of hours in a peaceful space that brings kids into contact with a range of tools and equipment (all closely supervised), and a lovely craft. They’re now fascinated by books too, which is a plus!

Definitely recommend. Also seems like a great workshop (there are various things you can make) to do as an adult with friends, event celebration etc.


Sharone is a photographer and bookmaker located in Ein Vered who runs book-making workshops for children aged 6 and up in his studio. The roughly 2-hour process involves a fun range of related activities, all closely supervised, including binding, stamping, sewing and cutting by hand, and with specialized equipment.

The results can be a range of products including albums, notebooks, and boxes.

Business hours: By appointment

Location: 19 Ben Dosa St. Tel Aviv Jaffa Directions on waze: Sharone Amit Studio, סטודיו שרון עמית Price depends on each workshop so best to give Sharone a call! Usually approx 125 per person in a group of minimum 6 participants.

August 2017 (UPDATE: The workshop moved to Jaffa in 2019)

We were excited to be invited to participate in a book making workshop with Sharone. With the craziness of the Summer, this was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours together as a family, making something unique.

It was a bit tricky to find the studio, but Sharone directed us down a long driveway where his tranquil studio is located, in Ein Vered (15 minutes from Raanana).

The studio is trendy and bright – a great workshop space. You can see all the specialist equipment Sharone has collected and brought over from the USA. These are no longer made, as most book making is now done by machines, so it was special to actually be able to use these vintage pieces to make our own hand made books. You can also see all the beautiful books and other pieces, including photography that Sharone has hand-made.

Sharone has a great way with the children, and kept their interest well throughout the nearly two hour workshop. The workshop does require patience and calmness as the work needs to be precise to look its best. We each selected our covers, and learnt to hand-fold, hand-cut (using the equipment with Sharone’s guidance), hand-sew and even emboss our own names onto the finished product!

We really enjoyed the workshop and learnt a lot from Sharone, who was calm and patient throughout and are all proud of the finished products. Our five year old has already started illustrating her own story in hers and the others proudly exhibit their books in their rooms.

If you are looking to spend some quiet quality family time, this is a great unique activity that we really enjoyed! Suitable for age 5/6+ (you can’t bring kids that will run around)

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