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Park Peres

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

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Rechelle Hochhauser

‘We didn’t walk through a lot of it but there were three separate play grounds just where we were, one for really little kids, then one of the more newer style equipment ones and then more old school castle slides and the like. Lots of shade, and grass to play on, and benches. Also a separate are for bbqing. We were in between the Holon ice skating and the kids museum and the Water park. Have no idea if there was more on the other side of the Water park… We have been to parks with “fancier” equipment, but this seemed to satisfy most of the age range (combined with a visit to Holon Design Museum).’


Information from the Park Peres site: Peres Park is a park with an area of ​​300 hectares in the south – west of the city of Holon, named for Shimon Peres. Adjacent to the park on its west side is Yamit Spark Hamaim (Yamit Water Park), to the south are the Holon sand dunes, and to the east is Holon’s industrial area. Holon Children’s Museum is located at the center of the park. The park is divided into three distinct parts. The western section of the park boasts a 200 meters long oval lake (there are boats for rent), and a rock waterfall is located in the northern section. A footbridge stretches over the lake, leading to the entrance of the Children’s Museum. Next to the lake is an amphitheater that can accommodate up to 7,000 spectators, and beyond it is a grove of palm trees with a designated seated picnic area. The northern part of the park includes a large grove of various types of trees, walking paths, shaded seating areas and accessible recreational facilities. In the eastern part of the park, adjacent to the Kiryat Sharett bus terminal, lies the Sportech, a ​​30 hectares recreational area, which includes Soccer fields, Basketball courts, a Roller-Skating rink, Table Tennis and fitness facilities. Nearby and south of the park is Moledet neighborhood’s water tower. The park contains facilities tailored to people with special needs, a Chess area and a playground for all ages. The park is fully accessible to people with special needs and has a special walkway for the visually impaired. An Ice peak is near to Sports fields. There are designated areas for grilling (BBQ).

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