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Park Emek Haarazim

Updated: Mar 31, 2020



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Ilana Friedmann

Highly recommend Park Emek Haarazim in Jerusalem (in valley from mevaseret until ramot), especially the part called ‘einot telem ‘ close to motza junction: very short walk with life size board games made from stone as well as other games and facts along the way. There is also the 9/11 memorial, very cool parks along the way including a swing bridge. Best part is a bike path linking it all (you can also drive between of course) amongst the magnificent scenery. Other hikes and places to picnic too, as with everything else get there early


Jerusalem has had the good fortune to be the first city in Israel to be encompassed by green parks as part of the plan to improve the city’s quality of life and to protect its natural surroundings. The Jerusalem Ring is a new metropolitan park that extends over some 1,500 hectares (3700 acres), surrounding the capital to the north, west, and south. The park will preserve ancient landscapes while offering a variety of leisure and recreation opportunities, including a sports center, footpaths and bicycle trails, picnic sites and quiet corners, cafes and playgrounds. It is already very popular, even though it is still developing constantly, with thousands of visitors arriving from all over Israel and the world.

Arazim Valley Park includes some of the most impressive natural beauty to be found in the vicinity of Jerusalem. Its location between the growing town of Mevasseret Zion and the densely-populated northern neighborhoods of the capital provides the ideal setting for an intensively-developed park offering diverse recreational opportunities for all. Images and text courtesy of KKL-JNF

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