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Updated: Apr 3, 2020





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Brie Reich

‘We just spent a great couple hours at Pantry Packers in Talpiot. The kids got to use fun equipment to package food for chessed. They loved it. I went with kids ages 1.5 (she looked very cute in a hair net)-9.5 and everyone was happy and cannot wait to go back.’ 


Pantry Packers® is the food distribution arm of Tzedakah Central/Colel Chabad the oldest continuously operating network of social services in Israel – established in 1788. Every month Pantry Packers® delivers crates containing all the necessary foods and household maintenance supplies to Israel’s poorest families and senior citizens.

Every recipient is screened and selected on a non-discriminatory basis by the social services departments of local municipalities without regard to gender, ethnic background, or degree of religious observance. Pantry Packers® maintains a packing plant in Jerusalem where visitors and tourists may partner in its efforts by helping pack food staples which are then included in the Pantry Packers crates.

Pantry Packers Plant Tikkun Olam Tourism®

Pantry Packers® introduces a bold new concept called Tikkun Olam Tourism® – an exciting 90 minute hands-on opportunity for overseas tourists to pack commodity food staples for Israel’s poorest families. This new venture in tourist volunteerism in Jerusalem offers visiting groups, bar and bat-mitzvah parties, family groups, youth groups etc. the opportunity to make their contribution to Israeli society in a meaningful way.

At the Pantry Packers® production facility in Jerusalem, tourists aged 8-80 are given a brief orientation session that includes watching a short video, before donning gloves, aprons and caps in order to fill bags of rice, beans and other commodities. These bags, which bear a sticker with the name of the packing group, are later included in large food baskets destined for needy families throughout the country. All the recipient families have been identified by government agencies as needy.

We are open Sunday – Thursday. We have four volunteering slots daily. 9:00 – 10:30 11:00 – 12:30 13:00 – 14:30 15:30 – 17:00

We don’t work during Chol Hamoed or Erev Chag.

You do need to schedule your session.

Closed-toe shoes, long pants or dress, blouse/shirt (t-shirts are acceptable). In the winter bring a sweater.

All children are welcome. However we need at least five participants over the age of 6 per group. We have a coloring corner where the younger ones can play while the rest are working.


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