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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Tel Aviv



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We took adults and children and we were all fascinated by this. Recommended.


The Experience

“OUTLOOK” is the name that we have chosen for the exciting experience provided by the innovative Visitors’ Center at Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv. This is the only Visitors’ Center of its kind in Israel, and so far in the world, which presents so well the rich and meaningful topic of environmental challenges and how people handle them in the modern age.

Why OUTLOOK? Because we present a perspective that differs from the familiar one that lets us view our world without paying much attention to all the changes happening in it. It shows that we should really be looking out for our world, planet Earth, and paying it a lot more attention, before….

OUTLOOK gives a world view that provides an enjoyable intellectual and well-documented experience, expanding your horizons. In a clear, unique and easily understandable manner, it explains the nature and power of the phenomena that surround us, both globally and locally. OUTLOOK is presented in beautifully designed spaces, leading you enjoyably along a short but not fixed route, starting at the central display (video art and a panoramic movie), continuing through viewing stations and games on various themes, to the final displays and also… to an interesting shop.

The OUTLOOK Center is designed for the adult general public, but children will also be captivated by its content and enjoy all the video clips and games. A visit to the Center is suitable at any time or for any purpose: as a leisure pastime, for breaks from work, or as a learning experience.

With Waze: Council for a Beautiful Israel.

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