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Northern Exposure Tours

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Location: North of Israel

Phone: 054-231-7606 (Whats app only)

Aimed at: Everyone - tours can be tailored for your needs. Contact them for more information and to book!


Aliza, you created an extraordinary trip which touched the pulse points of each and every one of us. From Torah, history and adventure you created a day our family will never forget. Thank you for ably and graciously putting this together --simply amazing! Tamar's breadth of knowledge is outstanding! Her clear explanations really helped us understand what we were seeing, and her love of Israel (especially the North) and her people really drew us closer to the land. She's an exceptional guide" -- E.W., NY

After months of feeling locked in, we’re finally free to explore, enjoy and take in the natural beauty of the Galil! Contact us to register for one of our organized summer 2021 tours, or to book an individualized tour for your family or group. 

*COVID 19 -- We honor any cancellation due to illness or required quarantine. We strictly adhere to all ministry guidelines.


Aliza and Tamar run Northern Exposure Tours, a company whose mission is to connect you with all that the northern Israel has to offer. They are seasoned Anglo-Israeli tour guides who have each chosen the Galil as her home, and their greatest joy is to share their passion for the people, places and paths of their beloved region with others. 

All the information is on their website but here is a summary below:

THIS SUMMER: You can book your own private family tour. Some examples are:

Old And New in the Northern Jordan Valley

Galilee Mosaic

In the Footsteps of the Sanhedrin

The Great Israeli Outdoors

The Shevatim of the Lower Galil and their Nachalot

Women in the Galilee (great for celebrating a bat mitzvah!)

Christian Galilee -- Not Just for Pilgrims

Two Holy Cities

We are also offering 15 incredible  GROUP Tours Around Northern Israel 

  • Full day tour duration from 9am to 5pm Mondays and Thursdays in June, July and August 2021

  • Air-conditioned tourist-class transportation

  • NIS200 adult, NIS150 children under 12. Our tours are family-friendly. We are moms who understand touring with kids, so please feel free to check with us to make sure any given tour will work for your family. 

  • Join for 4 tours, and the 5th tour is on us!

  • Transportation and all fees included

  • All of our tours strictly comply with all Ministry of Health requirements. Due to shifting requirements, there may be logistical adjustments 

  • Pre-registration required; tours subject to minimum registration

  • Itineraries subject to change

  • Please see our policies page for more details

  • Contact us with any questions or to register

About the guides:

Aliza Avshalom:

I made Aliya 30 years ago from the USA. My degrees are in Land of Israel studies, Jewish History and Rabbinical Literature, and I'm a licensed tour guide. I love hiking and mountain biking as well as learning and teaching Jewish texts. I am awed by nature and am also a bit of a history geek. But what I love most is the way these all come together:  when you finally really "get" the Jewish text because of the geography and the history of the site you are visiting. When archaeology illustrates the history you learned - and when we are bursting to tell how this historical story intersects with our contemporary personal one.  I live in a beautiful village in the Galil with my husband and children.

I feel extremely blessed to live and work in the most amazing country; a country with deep diverse history, meaningful religious traditions, non-stop inspirations, a brave and idealistic people amidst stunning landscapes that reveal ever-changing nature. After guiding diverse groups of synagogues, families, youth groups, academic missions and Christian tourists for over 20 years, I've found that all people care about meaning, want to be challenged and to have experiences that move them. I love introducing people to this land and I love seeing it through new eyes each time. 

I can't wait to share all this with you. Tamar Weissman: 

I’ve been a licensed Israeli tour guide for ten years, now focusing exclusively on guiding my "home turf:" the northern stretches of Israel. I’ve spent the last two decades teaching Bible and Land of Israel studies in midrashot throughout Israel, as well as working on writing projects like my book Tribal Lands: The Twelve Tribes of Israel in their Ancestral Territories, which examines the essential connection between the individual natures of the sons of Jacob and the territory that each of the twelve tribes later called its own. With degrees in the archaeology of the Ancient Near East and Classical Jewish History, my passion has always been exploring the complex interplay of text, history and land. I live with my husband Ira and our seven kids on our farm in Moshav Sde Ilan, a sweet little sleepy community nestled between Har Tavor and the Turan mountain range. We’ve just started our adventures in sustainable living, concentrating on turning our fields into viable sheep pasture, raising free-range poultry, and growing our organic produce aquaponically, with a twinned commitment to both the intricacies of halacha and to compassionate farming practices. Read more about our adventures here. My greatest joy as a guide is seeing the land through your eyes — every tour is a fresh encounter with familiar landscapes. Legendary tour guide Yehuda Ziv advised us to “explore all the cracks and crevices of Eretz Yisrael, but do so barefoot -- for with every step you are treading on pesukim (biblical verses).” Though I do suggest sneakers on my tours, I also make sure to embrace the reverence and wonder of sharing the Land of Israel with you.

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