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Nesher Park (suspension bridge hike)

Updated: Apr 1, 2020



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The suspended bridges in the KKL park of Nesher ( under 10 minutes walk from parking lot). was nice. Nothing too hard (though there are some trails in the forest of this park- we met people who did a 1:30 h hike there, but we went in just for the bridge). pretty cool. the kids liked it.


This park in the town of Nesher, adjacent to Haifa, was established by KKL-JNF in conjunction with Nesher Municipality. The site includes green spaces, sports and exercise facilities, footpaths, scenic lookouts, picnic tables, a trail through dense thickets of varied vegetation and two hanging bridges.

These hanging bridges, whose seventy-meter steel cables are suspended across the gully of Nahal Katia, have proved very popular with visitors to the park. The bridges form part of a walking route that includes crossing the gully of the Nahal Katia river that flows only during the winter rains. The route departs from the sign-posted recreation area and winds its way through a pine forest before descending into the gully. Along the way we pass through a natural woodland of Israeli common oak, terebinth, and Greek strawberry trees (arbutus). We cross a stone bridge and continue down into the lower part of the gully where a short flight of wooden steps leads to an area of native Mediterranean woodland dotted with benches and scenic lookouts.

Several hundred meters to the west we arrive at the hanging bridge suspended between earth and sky. It is extremely narrow and swings as we walk along it, so it is best to cross in small groups. After the crossing we follow a marked trail that leads further into the woodland via another hanging bridge, until we reach a recreational area.

The circular path along the hanging bridges in the park takes about 1 – 1 1/2 hours .

How to Get There: Take the Nesher Highway in the direction of Haifa University and Ramot Yitzhak, and follow the signs to the JNF Park. Turn into HeHaruv Street (Rehov HeHaruv) and continue from there to Nesher Park.

NB sometimes closed during Winter. There is sometimes a charge during Chol Hamoed

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