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Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises

Updated: Apr 1, 2020




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‘For years we have been driving on highway 1,6, 431 and seeing this factory with towers and chutes and always wondering what was inside. So today we went on a tour! It is a cement factory and its right near Modiin. Kids loved it!!! 1.5 hours, indoors and on bus, not outside really at all. Free. Recommended age is from first grade and up ( there were younger kids today and they didn’t get much out of it and were really more disruptive ) its alot of talking , movie , guided bus tour of plant. There are bathrooms and a water fountain and a soda machine , but nothing to buy. Really fascinating!! ‘


The Nesher Visitor Center in Ramla invites you to join us in a journey into the World of Israeli Cement. A journey that reaches back to the days before the state was born, follows the Company’s main milestones and continues to this day, featuring innovation, sustainability and community engagement. The journey following Israeli cement begins back in the days of Herzl, the visionary of the Jewish state. As early as the dawn of the last century, Herzl understood the importance of a Hebrew cement plant and he called for one to be built. In the visitor center you will encounter the fascinating history of the Israeli cement industry, browse rare documents and photographs from the days of the British Mandate and the birth of the nation, and learn how the first bag of Israeli cement was made. We will then fast-forward and show how the cement industry works nowadays. You’ll discover the manufacturing process – from mining to packaging – and watch a special animated movie and audio-visual presentation, preparing you for the real thing. Skilled guides will accompany you on your tour and explain the world of cement and its importance. After you get a general idea about our history, about Nesher and about the cement industry, you will set off on an exciting tour of our plant, to see things up close. The tour of the Nesher plant in Ramla – one of the largest and most advanced in the world – begins at the quarry, where you will be introduced to the cement raw materials; you will then pass by the conveyor that transports those materials into the production floor. After the tour you will at last be able to find out what lies behind the plant lights, which you have more than likely driven past many times. So when are you coming for a visit? The visitor center is open to organized tours year-round, and to families and the general public on holidays. The center is disabled-accessible. The tours at the visitor center are free of charge, however, they do require advance registration.

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