Naot Factory

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Galil, Golan



Recommended by:

Miriam Knepler Hirsch‎

‘We did a free guided tour of the Naot shoe factory in kibbutz Naot Mordechai. (Down the road from Kfar Blum, we went rafting afterwards) First we watched a short video about the history of the factory, how it grew out the shoemaker workshop set up by the kibbutz founders, immigrants from Czechoslovakia, to become Israel’s only remaining shoe factory etc. Then we went on a guided tour of the factory and saw how many different processes are involved in making a pair of shoes. A great lesson for my teenage girls who now appreciate why good shoes are so expensive! My almost 6 year old son was bored but my other kids 8-17 all enjoyed it, so I would recommend this for 8+ years. The tour ends in the factory outlet shop where there is also a small arts and craft corner. My 8 year old daughter made a magnet out of scraps of leather. Clean toilets and a kiosk selling ice creams and artikim added to our comfort. Also, the tour is all in Hebrew but we had our niece from the States with us who doesn’t speak Hebrew and they gave us a private English speaking guide just for her, so know that this option exists. She followed the official Israeli guide translating what he said. We could have done the same thing ourselves but since they offered the service we accepted. The official guide was very knowledgeable but went on a bit and kept stopping to show us pictures of his newborn grandson on his phone…only in Israel! Highly recommended though. Just sign up through Naot’s Facebook page.’ 


See above!

Check their Facebook for details or call the number.


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