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Nachal Hakibbutzim

Location: Beit Shean


Suitable for families - floaties essential for children and recommended for everyone!

Length: Up to you - could spend the whole day there!

Recommended by:

Rachel Corney

Nachal Kibbutzim was fab, free to get in and easy to park at. We walked around 20 mins from the car to the other end and then walked back the whole way in water, we were able to spend around 2 hrs doing this and there are two slides made from a big pipe which all the kids loved going through (ages 9-16). At points, its deep (so whatever you have on you is getting soaked). Younger kids can definitely do it as well with arm bands or whatever. At the end, there are plenty of shaded spots to then have a picnic. Try and go during the wk, it gets very crowded fri-sun.

Other tips and comments:

LoveLoveIsrael tip: Do not stay in the line for Sachne - although it is in the same direction, the road veers to the right for Nachal Hakibbutzim! ALSO it is very hot in the area so ensure everyone has plenty of water with you and hats if possible!

Michelle Ellis Marchant: Ayelet, who is 4yrs did it in a ring and yishai (7) in a tube. The rest of us swam it when it was too deep to walk. No one had a problem. It was amazing! My kids beg us to do it each year. We did it at 3pm and it was empty.

Lina N. Yaakov Lehrfeld: i just took my kids by myself. i bought floaties and put them on them and then bought them innertubes so that they could float. at some places they could walk but mostly they floated. we had a great time!

Dini Hurwitz: It was neck high in parts for my husband who is 6ft. i had to swim a bit. we carried our 3 year olds and floated them on rings in deeper parts. Don't take any towels etc with you, will all get wet. and if you can, leave your car remote in the car and lock the car manually so remote doesn't get wet. Enjoy

Aliza Avshalom: You can park in the big parking lot by Nachal Hakibbutzim or go directly to Ein Muda - it is a shvil right between shluchot and reshafim. Almost all of the water pools can be accessed without paying for the carts. Do the carts because they are fun or if you have older people. Ein muda is shady and nice

Photo Credit: Rachel Corney

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