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Nachal David – Ein Gedi

Updated: Apr 3, 2020


Recommended by:

Ruth Kringle

“If you have time for only one “desert” type activity make it Ein Gedi, nice and easy to get to from Jerusalem.'”


Easy level tiyul (hike) – rated by National Parks – there is a buggy/wheel chair path to the first waterfall although there are stairs down to the actual waterfall. The other waterfalls are accessible up uneven stairs – doable with toddlers/babies is carriers. The Ein Gedi reserve has a few different trails. This is the easier one.

LoveLoveIsrael Review:

June 2014: Just back from a fabulous tiyul at Nachal David. Beautiful scenery, refreshing water and challenging enough to satisfy my little adventurers. Things to know: No food is allowed to be eaten there – so actually you could leave your backpacks in the car and just bring your water. You can manage this tiyul with a baby in a carrier. We decided not to put our 2 year old in the back carrier and while she made us carry her for some of the time, it meant she could easily jump down and work, and climb the stairs/ splash in the water,whereas in the carrier she would have been restricted. Our 4 year old complained a bit on the way back but was fine really. The 6,8,10 year olds were in their elements. The Route: It is a circular route – meant to take an hour or so. It starts with a flat path until the first waterfall as pictured here. I recommend aiming to get there early – apart from the heat, it was getting busy as we were leaving. Then you climb up a couple of flights of steps past some smaller pools to the main waterfall. Then one final set of steps take you to where that waterfall starts with a bit of water to splash in there. Animals – the leaflet you get when you enter shows you some of the wildlife you might see. We were lucky to spot a rock hyrax – rock rabbits. What to wear? We all wore crocs or sandals but it seemed that many Israelis were confident enough in flip flops! (not recommended IMO). Swimwear recommended or get your clothes wet and have change of clothes in the car. Facilities: There is a shop and kiosk. Well stocked with ice cream and drinks. Clean toilets and picnic tables in the shade to eat before or after the tiyul.

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