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Nachal Arugot

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Dead Sea



Recommended by:

Lizzie Noach

‘We went to nachal arugot near the Dead Sea next to nachal David. Lots of water great tiyul with kids. We took a five year old, a three year old and a four month old. We took our baby bjorn. The hike is a long as you want it to be. We did it all as far as the waterfall with lots of stops and walking slow with kids it took about 2 hours but you can go in as far as you like there is water about twenty mins after you start. Our three year old wouldn’t get out of the water and walked all the way. Just a word of warning there are a few places that u need to climb up but if I did it with baby in carrier and a helping hand from my husband it’s not too scary. There are two paths a wet one and a dry one so u can do either or go in on the wet and out on the dry’


Family hike, suitable for all year round. It starts from the Ein Gedi car park. There is a fee.

Sneakers or hiking boots are best for a water hike like this.

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