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Nachal Amud

Location: North Israel


Suitable for families (not very young children)

Length: About 3 hours including time to get wet but you could spend much longer there

LoveLoveIsrael Review:

Our latest Tiyul! Nachal Amud.

We took our kids, 8, 10,12, 14, 16 and left very early (especially in teen-world...but they were up for it!), arriving at the National Park, Nachal Amud around 9:15am. We had at least 1.5 liter water bottles for everyone - really important! and hats.

We chatted to the guy at the info desk who gave us a map and showed us the best route - getting the drier part done first on the circular route. We did as he said and the route was straightforward. As people said in the group, the first part is downhill (and uphill on the way back) and is very rocky and uneven and seems to go on for a while and is mostly in the sun. The views are amazing though!

At the bottom you will hear the water and it won't be too long before you can start to splashing it. The hike is more of a hike with lots of places to get wet - you do not walk in the water. The water was cool and refreshing and I am pleased to say the route was almost totally trash free. Except for the main pools when you cross over to the other side, we barely saw anyone. We did see some younger children on the hike - it is possible, and I guess you could just head for the water and not do the whole route with them. But the ages we took all really enjoyed - our 8 year old was a trooper and they loved exploring and getting in every waterfall we saw.

It was a beautiful hike - with stunning views and amazing water areas. Highly recommended! Nice picnic areas back at the car park, with taps and biological bathrooms.

LoveLoveIsrael tip: Wear hiking shoes/shoresh sandals...water shoes were not ideal as some of us discovered. The beginning and end you walk over very rocky uneven terrain. ALSO, we set out like a tiyul - to do and come back to the site for lunch...but you could definitely find a nice shaded area by the water and make it last much longer!

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