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Modstylista Fashion Tours

Updated: May 3, 2020

Location: Jerusalem

Phone: 0505721274


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Tsippy Goldstein
OMG!! I had so much fun today on my awesome #fashiontour with The Mod Stylista! Besides for learning about new places to shop in downtown Jerusalem, I found a BEAUTIFUL dress for my son’s upcoming Bar Mitzvah. I also lucked out on a great sale on berets at Daniella Faye and just had fun “shopping until dropping” I think this #fashiontour is a great opportunity for mother/daughter bonding, especially in those rough teenage years… So… if you need some new stores to look at or just some extra help finding that perfect outfit, be in touch with Devora Golan The Mod Stylista for her services!!


NEW!!! Fashion Tours in Jerusalem!! Discover some of the best boutiques in Jerusalem and get insider tips from a professional fashion stylist!! You’ll also learn the history and hear incredible stories about each of the brands!!! See flier for additional information and book your tour today!!!

May 2019

When Devora contacted me to try out this new tour, I was excited to try out something a bit different, something out of the box – and something for me and some of my friends! We booked a date and met Devora in the middle of Jerusalem. We don’t come to Jerusalem that often and certainly would be clueless of where to shop but Devora took us to some really fabulous shops, ranging in prices and styles, and really knew about the background to the designers and had a great relationship with the shop owners. She had lots of patience and was helpful when we tried on clothes and pointed out things we may not have noticed.

I don’t know about you, but I am usually very hesitant and even resistant to going into those little boutique shops because I worry about the pressure to buy or that the prices would be way out of my league, but going in a small group like this took off the pressure, and helped me see how you really can find some special items by visiting these places…plus it felt good to support these Israeli designers…and yes, we did support them…and bought a few lovely items!

I really recommend this tour for a great treat outing with friends or siblings, or daughters….and there was swag too…which was the icing on the cake 😉

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