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Mavoch Ba’Emek – Maze in the Valley

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Emek Yizrael



Recommended by:

Jonny Graham

‘Over Succot, we went up to the Golan. On the way up north we went to Mevoch HaEmek, which is a maze made out of trees. It was 30 shekels per person. It wasn’t as pretty as I had imagined – the trees are fenced off (which prevents cheating), but it was challenging to find the way through. The kids (4 & 6) both enjoyed it. It is in a great location for a trip up north from the Merkaz as it’s really near the end of Route 6’ 


Clever mazes at various levels of difficulty. It looks easy but it will surprise you how hard the biggest maze is!

Can get very hot there but they do have water vapor that is on in the summer months to help cool you. Take water with you!! Lovely grounds to relax in. Recommended if you are on way North or on way back!

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