Mashoch BaGezer - Pull Gezer

Location: Derech Hamovil, Entrance to Moshav Tzofit, Kfar Saba

Phone: 054-5288335


Recommended by:

Miriam Levy
Went vegetable picking kfar Saba today at משוך הגזר. We picked corn, sweet potatoes, green onions, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, eggplant, parsley, cherry tomatoes, mini peppers, hot peppers..... And lots more. It was a great activity, although it is out in the heat with no shade so bring hats and lots of water.


Pick your own fruit and vegetables. Strawberries when in season.

Small display of agricultural equipment for play.

Prices on their site.

Plenty of shaded space to picnic.



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