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Lychee Picking – Lehitahev Bateva

Updated: May 6, 2020

Location: Near Kibbutz Metsuba, Western Galil

Phone: 050-540-1129


Recommended by:

Deborah Dickson
A really fun, relaxed activity. Free sweet tea and coffee available, a petting zoo area, hammocks and picnic tables in the main area. There was also a bubble activity and crafts when we went. Only a few of us went to pick lychees while the others played and relaxed. Amazing lychee trees – tasty and plentiful. The further in you go the more you will find. You pay entrance to eat while you are there and pay extra per kilo for what you pick and put in a bag. There were also a few types of grapes you could taste, and soon there will be passion fruit to taste as well. Nice friendly place, great for if you go to Rosh Hanikra area/Western Galil


Pick lychees and other fruit during the summer season! Small petting zoo and other activities included.

Put להתאהב בטבע קטיף עצמי into Waze.

Contact them for prices as you pay for entrance and extra for the fruit you take home.

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