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Letters and Wonders – Scribe Workshop

Updated: Apr 2, 2020



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‘We did a wonderful workshop with Jamie Shear, who is an artist and sofer stam, He sells his work, but also has started doing workshops for children where he teaches them about how he does his work, the parchment, quills, how to form the letters, and lets them practice, etc. When we left he wrote out all their names on parchment and gave them each a Bracha. It captivated them after a long day, and was wonderful especially for my son who will be getting tefillin in two years. There was no pressure to buy anything, and he was great with my very active boys.  ps. No, I don’t get commission, it was just a great way to get in from the heat after an extremely hot and tiring day in the old city and give the kids a hands on lesson on something they normally rarely see. Great way to fill a gap hour.’ 


A charming, new workshop / gallery has opened in The Cardo of the Jewish Quarter of Old City, Jerusalem. “Letters and Wonders” is the name and magic is what is made there. Scribe in Residence, Jamie Shear sits and writes Torah scrolls and Tefillin while sharing his passion of the craft to visitors.


Sofer Shear has been teaching about the scribal arts for as long has he has been writing the holy scrolls, 21 years.

Raving reports come from people who have attended his workshops where people learn to write Hebrew letters using a turkey feather with real ink on real parchment like scribes do.

What is truly remarkable about this is that regardless of age and writing experience, all participants begin at the same level. This means that grandparents, parents and children can sit and do a wonderful activity that is also richly rooted in a Jewish way. This is not only learning Torah in a fascinating way, it is actually doing Torah. Sofer Shear’s scribal arts workshop is a family activity and many times it a highlight of a Bar / Bat-Mitzvah.

The workshops cost 75 NIS / person per half hour. There is a 4 person minimum and 10 person maximum. One hour is minimum, but 1.5 – 2 hours is ideal. There is a 10% discount for LoveLoveIsrael members. Best to use email to contact Sofer Jamie.

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