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Kol Shofar

Updated: Apr 2, 2020


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Alyssa Magid ‘ We went to Kol Shofar, a shofar factor in Givat Yoav in the North and I highly recommend it! The owner, Shimon, is a Moroccan man in his mid-70s and fascinated both the adults and kids with his stories of shofarot – where they come from, how he sources them, his trips to Morocco and Namibia, etc. He is a wonderful shofar blower and blew various types of shofarot for us to explain the difference in pitch and sound. He then taught my 4.5 year old and 2.5 year old how to blow a shofar! (Not a long tekiah, but a substantial “toot”!) He also has the kids assist him in the making of a shofar – including how to select a good quality shofar, drilling a hole in it, making a mouthpiece, and then polishing it. We were then able to purchase the shofar from him. My boys absolutely loved it, it was a great family experience. He spoke to us in Hebrew (not sure if he speaks English) but it was basic enough that most people with basic Hebrew would be able to understand..’ June 2014


Kol Shofar – Unique factory producing all kinds of trumpets

Kol Shofar is a unique workshop for Shofar manufacturing of all kinds, established in 1998. The Shofars are being manufactured by Shimon Keinan – a senior Shofar blower and skilled with the secrets of the Shofar. The Shofars production is done using old traditional methods combined with new modern techniques and with tools developed and modified by Shimon to his needs. This is the most modern and advanced Shofar factory in the world and it is setting new standards in its field – a fact that directly affects the high quality and class of the Shofars. Additionally, in 2009, Kol Shofar has become a green plant that provides himself all his power through a solar system. Kol Shofar is under rabbinical supervision and is known for its strict observance of kashrus.

Among our customers – Rabbi Mahpud, Badatz , Ministry of Defense, The Military Rabbinate and well known rabbis.

You must call to book a tour.

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