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King David at the Tower of David Museum!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020



Loveloveisrael reviews the BRAND NEW light show KING DAVID at the #TowerofDavid! Opening on April 1st.

“The new night show at the Tower of David is not to be missed! Visually stunning, it opens with a walk through the ruins brought to life with spectacular images, from the Garden of Eden-like vines to Biblical texts that make you feel as though you’re standing in the holy books themselves.

The seated show (outdoors, so bring warm clothing!) is utterly compelling. From the moment it begins, you literally don’t know where to look first, so all-encompassing are visuals on every wall, nook and cranny of the ruins. The combination of famous artwork, music and film brings to life the story of David for all to enjoy, bringing this ancient site into the 21st century in style.”


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