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Kesem Hapri

Updated: Apr 4, 2020




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‘On our way to North, we passed kesem hapri, and phoned to book a tour. It was great. We sat in a ‘train’ pulled by a tractor and was taken around the fields to pick apples and plums. The guide was really friendly and explained all about the fruit. He then took us into the fruit sorting/packing area which my kids loved watching. A nice 2 hour activity.25 shek per person.’


Picking fruit/tractor ride – June to September. Call to arrange a tour.

You are taken on a tractor through the orchards where they give you explanations about summer fruits. Along the way you will have the chance to pick your own fruit. You can also fill a basket and pay separately at the end. You will get to see the packing station and understand the whole process from picking the fruit to sending it off for sale in the lorries. A really great experience.

South Golan – Between Ben Nov and Avnei Eitan, turn East following the sign


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