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Updated: May 3, 2020

Location: 2, Rechov HaUman, Ezor Taasiya Bet Shemesh

Phone: 053-722-2696


Recommended by:

CB Berkovitz
Just came back from Keramikli, the new ceramics studio in Bet Shemesh. I went with my friend and our kids – we had a great time! We picked what we wanted, got our paint and went to work. Jessica was so helpful and friendly. She even explained to the kids how the kiln works and let them put their dishes inside. So happy to have a place like this so close to home! There will also be pottery classes there.


Paint/create your own ceramics!

In the works: chuggim for all ages and skill levels, themed evenings and events, take-home kits, parties (bat mitzvah, birthday, bridal, team-building) at your location or ours!

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