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Israel is Beautiful

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Location: Online Experience Phone: +972 54-313-3712


We have created a virtual tourism website that is unique, engaging and special.

Our expert guides are creating and archiving short, engaging and profession tiyulim all over Israel, showcasing a variety of places, people and themes and enabling people who want to be here, to visit from their salons or dens.

A truly special, unique and cost effective way for everyone to "visit" Israel! Join us!

Here is a sample video of beautiful Ein Prat!

The Video comes with awesome worksheets created by Israel Scaventures creator and educator, Tali Tarlow. If you would like to request the sample PDF Worksheet (free) for this video, please email your request to

Recommended :

I just watched 2 tours with my grandson in our Succah!! Wonderful!! Kol Hakavod Peter! Great job!! 👏🏻
I just watched Masada & Caesarea with my son - he is 6 years old & can’t sit still for a minute - he was totally mesmerized!! He said about Onnie on both videos - “Boy, she is really, really smart!!”


Subscribe to our virtual tours and you will get unlimited access to all our virtual tours and more (see below)!

Price: $25 per month or $54 every quarter!

1) You will discover that we are posting a new hike -tiyul for members only, every week, for all ages to enjoy!

2) The video-tours can be watched whenever is convenient for our members - and as many times as you want to watch them! specific time,

2) The videos are musical and lively - making them engaging and captivating.

3) Each video is uniquely accompanied by a PDF Israel Discovery Zone

activity sheet. These are created just for us, by the talented Tali Kaplinsky Tarlow of Israel ScaVentures!

This is a wonderful format for families to work on the puzzles and challenges together. We have even received enthusiastic feedback from adults who are enjoying these "IDZ" sheets.

4) There is a live 'Meet the Guide' zoom every Sunday night (9 PM Israel time = 7 PM in the UK and 2 PM in New York).

Check out the tours already available to subscribers!

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