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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Tel Aviv


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Sarah L

“Really fun and something different for Israel!”


The amusement park is such a magical place! Just the thought of it brings up waves of nostalgia, innocent childhood memories and sensations of true happiness and freedom. The Tel Aviv Luna Park, with endless attractions and adventures, can be a thrilling and fascinating experience for everyone, big and small! A visit to the Luna Park is an opportunity for the whole family – mom, dad and even grandma and grandpa – to experience together the atmosphere of freedom and liberating childhood once again. Inside the Luna Park one can find dozens of unique rides for the big and small, suitable for a wide range of ages – from preschoolers to the elderly, and even for the more courageous of the bunch. The Luna Park is an excellent choice of entertainment for weekends, holidays and school vacations.

Your admission ticket gives you access to all rides and attractions.


Location: Tel Aviv – iSkate is located inside the Luna Park, in Ganei Hata’aruha, Tel Aviv, near the Ayalon highway. The entrance is in the eastern side of the Luna Park from gate 8.

The iskate site is located in the center of Tel Aviv, in the north east corner of the Luna Park (there is a separate entrance from gate 8). The iskate was established in order to provide a skating rink for ice-skating enthusiasts from the central region of Israel.

As is in the other parks owned by Entertainment Town (Ir Hasha’ashuim), we put a lot of effort in creating a special atmosphere in the iskate, which will allow you to forget your daily routine and be carried away by the experience. We chose the most state-of-the-art and safe ice skating equipment, after conducting thorough tests and researching other skating rinks abroad.

The iskate rink stretches over 500 square meters of real ice, in a roofed, stylized and air conditioned structure. It contains especially strong air conditioners, which guarantee a stable and smooth skating surface at all times, even in the blazing hot days of summer. During the iskate’s opening hours, the place has professional instructors to help beginners with their first steps and teach advanced skaters how to improve.

Every visitor gets his own skating equipment, including knee and hand shields. The rink has lockers for personal equipment (for an affordable price).

The skating at iskate is suitable for families and groups in different ages and levels.

Iskate is the ideal location for your next event, with a cool attractive atmosphere. It doesn’t mater if it’s a birthday, or an employees’ team spirit day – let your guests get exited, move their body and skate happily on the ice and without any pretension, on a real ice skating rink, in the heart of Tel Aviv.

The entrance to the rink is not allowed for children below 6 years old and whose height is less than 1.10 meters. Shoe sizes: 28 – 46.

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