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Horshat Tal

Updated: Apr 3, 2020


Recommended by:

Ruth Kringle

“We just enjoyed a fantastic camping trip at Horshat Tal a national park close to Kiryat Shemona. A spacious camping area with streams running through it (and toilets, showers, fridge hire) adjacent to a second area with big pools of deep and shallow water (snack bar and life guard), our kids could have entertained themselves there for days. Daytime entry to the water area 8-5.30 – perfect for a leisurely picnic and swim.” 


National Park in Kiryat Shmone. Camping site (not in Winter)

Comments from previous years:

Hadassah Levy The bungalows in churshat tal are really nothing to write home about .

Shaina Tanenbaum Abraham Never been there but I’ve seen recommendations

Hadassah Levy I am all for cheap accommodations but my in-laws stayed in one and the only advantage it had over a tent was a very basic bed. Unfortunately it was so hot inside that they ended up sleeping outdoors. They could have rented mattresses instead and gotten the same thing for cheaper.

Sarah Kaye I love camping there! It’s just wonderful. My only hesitation about the pools there is that the water is bloody freezing!

Ruth Kringle What can I tell you…it was august, it did get hot enough to take the plunge!

Julie Benjamin we were there last week…. picnic and swim… freezing water but gorgeous

Louise Posnasky On your recommendation we went there today and it was brilliant. All kids loved it 2, 5 and 8, 36 and 39 and I especially had great fun jumping into the water fall… thank you

Ruth Kringle ‎@ louise – so pleased!

Sarah Kaye Love it there – just love it.

Janice Kaye We were there in the summer at peak time and still managed to find a nice spot on a little island type thing – we had to climb over the water each time. Last summer was our first time camping… loved it and hope to go back.

Helen Mendelson We are thinking Shavuot also. Was wondering if there is lots of shade. What the facilities are like ? Hot water fridges etc.

Janice Kaye There was hot water at most times and they did keep the showers pretty clean. You can hire a fridge (in a central room near the showers) – you can also put the things in a bag and tie them somehow so that the do not float away and since the water is so cold, it will keep things chilled. There was plenty of shade. We were there in August.

Alisa Fox Coleman ‎..and if you are lucky,you can repeat this for many years to come! I am starting round 3 with Amiad 🙂

Aliza Grynberg  Churshat Tal is great! There’s lots of shade, and the place is huge. You can set up camp near the water, or further away from the water. And the water provides activity for during the day as well. The bathrooms/showers had hot water, and they were nice and clean (which you don’t find everywhere). For a small fee, you can rent a little refrigerated cubicle for the perishables. If you’re going with another family, you can share the fridge cubicle. Enjoy!

Lucila Benzaquen Gleicher I heard churshat tal is amazing

Janice Kaye I would also suggest Hurshat Tal but it depends on how old the kids are. There are streams everywhere, so if they are little it can be dangerous. Also make sure you do not go when it is the end of Ramadan festival.

Yael Katz they are 4,5,6,7

Janice Kaye My youngest was 5 the first time we went. You will need to keep an eye on them. You can rent a type of cabin if you want a bit more comfort.

Yael Katz thanks!

Ilana Barda Churshat Tal is THE best- we’ve been 3 times and will be going back for a fourth!

Janice Kaye My friend with smaller kids went somewhere else near by because they were worried about the water. I will try to find out where they were.

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