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Kfar Masaryk - A True Kibbutz Experience

Lots of people have been asking about where they enjoy a true kibbutz experience.

Kfar Masaryk כפר מסריק in the Galilee is offering a Kibbutz Wonder Nights program!

It will take place over three dates:

August 18-19

September 29-30

October 13-14

You will meet at the Kibbutz on Thursday evening around the campfire, listen to stories about kibbutz life of yesteryear while eating cooked potatoes, and sleep outside in tents. You will take part in nature walks and enjoy kibbutz-related activities. There is also an option to take part in the activities without sleeping outdoors.



17:00 – 18:30 - Meet and set up tents in kibbutz area

18:30 – 20:00: Sunset walk with quizzes, games and activities in nature.

20:00 – 21:00: Activities around the bonfire.

21:00 – Goodnight (and cold beer for the parents!)


06:30 – Sunrise walk

07:45 – Breakfast (bring your own or eat in the kibbutz dining room (Rabbanut) – tickets for meals can be purchased beforehand).

9:00 – Workshop – draw on porcelain.

Souvenir photo session dressing up in pioneer clothes.

10:00 – 11:30: Wonderful Secrets of the Kibbutz tour

Cost: 120 NIS per person (3 years and up) – including outdoor lodging; 80 NIS pp – to take part in activities but excluding lodging.

For more details and to purchase tickets:

Kfar Masaryk has a fantastic food truck, Chicolita which attracts visitors from near and far with its quality menu and fresh food (No Teuda).

The kibbutz also takes part in the Israel Shabbat program which allows free entrance on Fridays and Saturdays to visitors.

Kfar Masaryk is one of several sites operated by the Society for the Preservation of Israel Heritage (SPIHS).

Follow the SPIHS Facebook page for information about updated activities running at multiple sites.

Information and images provided by Tania Michaelian of SPIHS


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