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Herzl Museum

Updated: Apr 4, 2020





Recommended by:

Yudit Frei

‘Went to the Herzl Museum on Har Herzl with 2 daughters (13 and 10) and a toddler in a stroller. So, let me first say, this is not an experience to share with a toddler. Small baby in a stroller is fine; anyone who needs to crawl, walk or talk should be left behind. They say it is suitable from age 6, I think ages 8-9 are the earliest who would get something out of it. It is great for teens and adults and visitors (there is an English tour). It cost 25 sh for adults, 20 for kids over 6 (and seniors, soldiers etc). The tour is an hour, in a group (you need to book). Parking is easy in the Har Herzl car park. The experience is hard to classify – there is a guide, but she took us thru 4 rooms – each room had movie screens, statues, memorabilia – and is an interactive movie experience. My girls really enjoyed it, and learned lots about Herzl, his life and his vision. We finished with a walk up to Herzl’s grave on Har Herzl. An educational and enjoyable morning.’


The New Herzl Museum provides a spectacular audio-visual encounter with the visionary of the Jewish State, and offers a thought-provoking, hour-long portrait regarding the status of the Jews according to Herzl. A visit to the Museum allows us to share, through movement, Herzl’s daring aspirations, his deep disappointments and his turbulent personal journey. The greatness of his achievements intensifies Herzl’s vision and allows visitors to feel as if they have shared in the challenge of his legacy.

Length of the visit to the museum: One hour Languages available: Hebrew, English, Russian, French, Spanish and German. Educational activities: The Herzl Center offers a variety of educational programs and tours. Programs and tours must be arranged in advance


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