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Updated: Apr 3, 2020



Recommended by:

Lisa Ohayon

The kids go on an adventure in the forest. For boys they dress up as pirates or knights or gnomes, for girls as fairies, princesses or pixies, and then they have to follow clues that are posted at each station. They get a map and at each station there’s some kind of activity. There are helpers there that help them to dress up but they don’t actually do the adventure with them, so they need to have someone with them who can read the clues or be able to read them themselves. I would say ideal age is 5-8, but older kids may enjoy it too. I’ve seen 11 year old boys dressed up as pirates having a fun time there. At the end they get something to take home with them.


Recommended for ages 4-10years

Lower floor of the Renanim Mall.

Shop as well.

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