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Updated: May 3, 2020

Location: Ha-Kadar 10, Yishpro Center, Modiin

Phone: 050-224-2418


Recommended by:

CB Berkowitz
Had a great day with my whole family at Hasadna. It’s an arts and crafts/woodworking place in Modiin. We made reservations in the morning and went in the afternoon. There are all kinds of projects displayed on the walls to choose from. One son made a robot, another couldn’t decide what to make so he just chose a bunch of wooden blocks and made a house, and my daughter made a chalkboard. There was also a whole room with large woodworking projects. It was cute seeing mostly couples there making beautiful furnishings for their homes. My son and husband were also allowed to use the power tools for his project. Most projects take about two hours and it was a great way to let everyone’s imagination go wild. Highly recommend especially for hot weather days!


Hasadna is the largest complex in Israel for workshops, design and recreation. The complex has plenty of options for creating and entertaining!

Hasadna allows you to choose and adapt your creative and design experience.

You can come alone, with friends, family and even a team from work.

You can create and work in the open workshop, spend time in workshops, learn and experience courses, celebrate birthdays or just be pampered when you feel like it.

In the workshop anyone can create, design and work in a variety of materials, ideas and tools, and everything (we have already said …) Just do it – Pashut Laasot!

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