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Harry’s Epic Israel Food Tours

Updated: May 3, 2020

Location: Machane Yehuda, Jerusalem

Phone: +972 54-795-6759


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Wow! This food tour of Machane Yehudah was beyond all of our expectations. My palette is admittedly unsophisticated but Harry had me and my family members tasting and enjoying all kinds of authentic cuisines from different cultures. Everything we ate was unique and incredibly delicious and introduced with an interesting anecdote. Harry was enthusiastic throughout – despite having very jet lagged kids with an array of food allergies (including nuts and sesame). We also learned a lot about spices, fruit and cooking techniques. Harry is an excellent teacher with so much knowledge about the marketplace – his stories really add to the experience. And did i mention how delicious everything was? Not a single dud. This tour is not to be missed.


Israeli food is having its biggest moment and Harry’s Epic Israel Food market and food tours offer first-hand accounts, stories from shopkeepers, tricks from bakers and produce from farmers. It’s a behind-the-scenes, all-senses-go, culinary extravaganza that leaps from the heart of Israel’s food markets straight on to visitors’ taste buds.

Harry helped many see Israel through the eyes of a chef, market-lover, foodie and father, watching the many histories and cultures blend together like a fresh fruit juice spiced with chili and sweetened with raw sugar cane. And now he wants the secret to really get out. He has a food tour for everyone’s taste.

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