Hachamama Shel Elizabeth

Location: Derech Hachamamot, Shilat

Phone: 052-818-7717

Website: https://elizabethkay.co.il/

Email: ebkay2@gmail.com


Hachamama Shel Elizabeth, a unique Therapy Center nestled within a garden nursery,

offers children and adults a variety of professional therapies and creative activities

Recommended by

Sari Safran

If you are looking for a really nice activity I highly recommend החממה של אליזבט in Shilat.
Succulents are plants that don't need a lot of water, like a cactus. They're really easy to work with and fun to grow. The idea is to make a magical garden with the art supplies so the plants can be trees and the furniture can be made of matchsticks and ropes. It's very creative. We had a great time and Elizabeth is the nicest and most patient person ever.


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