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Green in the City – Urban Farming Workshops

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Tel Aviv


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For the last 5 years, LivinGreen has been providing Hydroponics, Aquaponics and Urban Farming workshops & seminars in Israel and  worldwide, from short enriching lectures, personal growers courses to commercial growers training. This developed into Green in the City!


What is Urban Farming? Growing and processing Food products in urban areas. The growing takes place in flowerbeds within the city or outskirts of the city, on rooftops, vertical growing on walls (green walls), indoor growing and more. Vegetables and other greens can be grown by Individuals in their back yard or balcony and up to commercial growing systems.

Green In The City – An urban farming complex on Dizengoff Center’s rooftop Winter 2015 came, and along came Yarok Bair (Green In The City) – a joint venture between LivinGreen company as pioneers in the Hydroponic & Aquaponics sector, and Dizengoff Center as the first shopping mall ever built in Israel, located in the heart of Tel-Aviv. This collaboration brings forward the apprehension of urban farming in Israel. Green in the city has a large variety of urban farming systems, from individual hydroponic home systems, to educational demonstration systems and even a small commercial growing system that provides greens for restaurants inside the shopping center.


January 2017

If you are looking for something different to do or learn, this is a great seminar that is not only fascinating to hear, but also offers practical tips to help YOU make a change and grow your own greens!

What attracted me to this seminar was both the location – right in the middle of Tel Aviv – on the roof of Dizengoff Shopping Center, and the fact that it wasn’t for the kids – but for me 😉 In fact, you can arrange visits for young children, and there are also suitable workshops for age 10+ but this particular session was for adults. 


We were given a helpful email the day before describing various ways of finding this roof top secret garden and ended up driving, parking in an underground c


Our guide was Lavie. In his super relaxed manner he explained (in English) the current agricultural situation, the future for city living and how they started this company. He then took us on a tour of the systems which are really amazing and inspiring. You could see that everyone there was thoroughly interested with hopes to try these methods out at home. It was unbelievable to see how healthy greens and flowers and even a banana tree can grow in water with so little help from anyone – basically you can neither kill your plants by forgetting to water them, nor drown them by giving them too much!


At the end of the class you will want to buy the entire system (like the one on the image on the right) for your balcony or garden!

Luckily there is a really cute starter set you can purchase right there – with 20 shekel off the usual price for people who have paid for the seminar. (170 NIS instead of 190NIS). It comes with everything you need to grow your own little vegetable garden, including the seedling plants which you choose for yourself there and then!


I’m proud to say that my plants are looking great (yes it’s only been a week but I plan to add photos as it grows! The one pictured above is the example one from Greenin the City!). I’m looking forward to picking my homegrown lettuce and spring onions – knowing exactly what’s been near them (nothing!) and eating them at their freshest!

I really recommend this seminar for anyone who has an interest in being green fingered but has never really known how. They also offer amazing sounding cooking and green smoothie workshops so you know what to do with all the home grown spinach and other leaves!! Check out their website for more information, or email them to book a seminar or workshop!

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