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Grafitiyul – Graffiti Tour

Updated: May 5, 2020

Locations: Jerusalem,Tel Aviv


Recommended by:

Shera Spar Dubitsky
“AMAZING!!!!! Elinoy Kisslove was our guide. The tour was about 2 hours. Top five favorite things we did in Israel.”


Grafitiyul offers some amazing tours of the incredible graffiti in Florentin, Tel Aviv. You can choose from a basic Graffiti tour where you will discover Israeli culture through the writing on the wall, graffiti, bumper stickers and even painted garbage bins. Walking in those streets you get the opportunity to interact with the locals and truly FEEL what it means to be a young Israeli today.

They also offer a night tour. When darkness falls over the city, the streets suddenly come to life. You will go through some cool alleys, past the clubs and pubs in the area and discover the artists’ secrets and the meanings behind the pieces. The Graffiti artist will reveal the mysteries of the street that only they know. And who knows? Maybe we’ll even catch an artist at work…

Other options can include workshops.

Grafitiyul now also runs a Jerusalem Graffiti and art tour- through the writing on the wall you will FEEL Israel today through the tensions between secular Jews and ultra-orthodox Jews, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the complex Christian-Muslim relationships and so on. You will see Jerusalem behind the scenes, young and kicking. This is a rare opportunity to join an artistic adventure of another kind.

The street art tour component is a detailed look at local and international artists who have left their amazing art on the streets of Israel.

By Deborah Dickson 26.8.18

We decided to give our kids one final ‘experience’ before the end of the Summer holidays and booked a graffiti tour with Grafitiyul. I was immediately impressed by the swift responses to my emails and we soon managed to set up our tour, at a time that suited us.

We were met promptly by our guide, Shira, a graffiti artist herself.  She was friendly with the kids, and engaged them well, with fascinating stories about the colorful art in the area.  We were two families with kids ages 2.5 up to 14.5 years. The tour is stroller friendly, and the little ones coped well but the tour was of course best for the children age 8+ although my 6 year old was totally into it – helped by the fact that she has her little VTech selfie camera with which she actually managed to capture great pics! Highly recommend that most or all the children have some sort of camera to make it a bit more exciting for them.

We toured for about 1.5 hours and learnt about a world that we were totally unaware of! We thought about things we would never have thought about, and saw things we would never had noticed, not known that they had any significance. The interesting part is, that this is something we could even do again as the art work never stays the same!

If you are looking for an insight into Israeli art-culture, this is a really different and out-of-the-box tour and if you can stretch your finances, the mini workshop at the end, where we go to do our own graffiti was really fun!



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