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Givat Titora

Updated: Mar 31, 2020



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‘We had a lovely time at Titora. You can drive up to the top and park by the water tower but we parked on Emek Ayalon at the bottom, near a Mall, grabbed something to eat there (plenty of kosher eateries) and then crossed over onto Emek Ayalon where there is a sign which you walk under to start up the path up the hill. I think it said ‘Walk of the Nations’. The hike is quite steep up narrow pathways with a few rocks which the kids loved navigating. It was easy enough to do with young children and my sister managed it OK with baby in a sling. The whole hill is covered in wild flowers of different types and colours. It is beautifully overgrown so the children had more fun working their way along the path. It was short but everyone enjoyed. We explored a bit at the top and then walked down the road way which was a dirt path all the way to the bottom. Plenty to explore by the side of the road too with caves and old mikves and mosaics.’ March 2016


Short, family friendly hike in Modiin.

Best time for seeing wild flowers Feb/March.

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