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Funtopia – Kfar Saba

Updated: May 4, 2020

Location: Kfar Saba

Phone: 09-774-9223 Website: Phone: 052-9098077 Email:


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‘Thanks to everyone who posted about Boulderland in Kfar Saba was such fun! My son and I had the best time, climbing together and the kids part- Funtopia- was really cool! Also the staff are really great, the place is clean, well organised and the staff make sure safety comes first! Also if you wanna climb wear sporty clothes..sounds obvious but you need the flexibility.’


Entry is for children age 4+ and over 15kg. (For older children, Boulderland is under the same roof and you can play at both!)

A fun climbing wall – not as easy as it looks but such great, fun exercise.

Wear sports shoes and sensible clothing.


April 2016 by Deborah Dickson

We took 5 children to Boulderland/Funtopia. We arrived for opening on a Friday morning and enjoyed having the place pretty much to ourselves for the first hour or so.



Our youngest was 4, which is definitely the youngest age they allow and she was totally not interested in joining in. I noticed there was an outdoor area she could have played in but luckily she was happy to watch. My other children, age 6,8,10,12 had the most incredible time. In Boulderland itself, climbers do not wear a harness and simply climb freely and see what they can do. My children really amazed themselves and successfully managed to climb quite high and loved jumping back onto the huge mattresses below.

For very little extra cost (especially with a LoveLoveIsrael discount) you can also get entry for Funtopia, which for these ages is just fantastic. They are attached to a harness and given some instructions from one of the guides. Then they challenged themselves with the fun themed climbing walls. They competed against each other in races, and loved every minute. These are kids who have been afraid of similar activities to this before but because of the themes they forgot how high they were climbing and got really in to it. They realised that coming down with a harness is actually part of the fun and really did well.




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