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Eretz Bereishit – Genesis Land

Updated: May 3, 2020

Location: Dead Sea,Jerusalem

Phone: 02-9974477


Recommended by:

Vanessa Gross Brooks
We did it a couple of summers ago. It was fun. Cheesy but a lot of fun. I loved riding the camel as did my husband and 2/3 kids.


Genesis Land is situated in the heart of the Judean desert, on the way to the Dead Sea, in the land where the Patriarchs lived. A magical place, it enables visitors to experience life as it was in biblical times. Visitors to Genesis Land are greeted by Eliezer, Abraham’s manservant, and by a train of camels which lead you down to Abraham’s tent, where you will experience his legendary hospitality. Fresh Pita making and Shepherding are among the different workshops we offer as well as meals and other activities.

At Genesis Land, the stories of the Bible come to life in the very landscape in which they took place.

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