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Emek Museum

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Emek Yizrael


Recommended by:

Tamar Rund

If anyone is traveling up North to or through Emek Yizrael area, and would like a special kibbutz experience, this recommendation is for you! Last Friday, I went to Kibutz Yifat with my family (4 kids, us parents, husband’s parents and siblings), so we really had all age groups. We had a guide take us around the Emek museum (we did the Hebrew tour, but they have English as well). It’s such an excellent museum! Totally takes you back in time. And makes you appreciate things.There is so much to see there, and such fun things for kids and adults. We really had a great time! In the kibbutz they also breed horses for competitions, so it’s worthwhile going to have a look around at them and at the cow ranch. We spent a good 2 hours there in the kibbutz.


This is a real treasure – a great family experience! Arrange a tour in Hebrew or English, suitable for adults, or mixed groups of all ages – learn about the history of the pioneers to Kibbutz Yifat, dress up and go back in time and kids will enjoy climbing on the old tractors in the John Deere tractor exhibition!

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