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Einot Tzukim Ein Pishcha

Location: North of Dead Sea

National Park - Natural pools on the way to the Dead sea

Photo Credit: Shulamit David

Recommended by:

Shulamit David

Here’s a review of einot tzukim for those thinking of coming.
It’s beautiful! It is not a tiyul it is a 2 minute walk from the car park to the water. You can walk around/go exploring. There are two pools and a stream. The first pool is very shallow and great for babies/little kids. The bigger pool is deep but there is a shallow end - my 6 year old was totally fine in it. It’s not that deep that parents can’t manage to carry smaller children. There are also life guards there. Water shoes are definitely recommended but the pools aren’t rocky.
The stream is short but also a nice walk and great for exploring.
We were here for 2 hours and it was plenty of time.
In terms of corona - you have to sign up and when you arrive you get a wrist band with your colour. We had the 8-11am slot and it didn’t feel at all busy/crowded. They did let the next slot in before 11am which does make it feel more crowded.
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