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Ein Prat - FREE tour by 'Israel is Beautiful'

Updated: Dec 17, 2020


'Israel is Beautiful' is a virtual tourism site that is unique, engaging and special.

Photo: LoveLoveIsrael - Ein (Nachal) Prat

Their expert guides are constantly creating and archiving short, engaging and professional tiyulim all over Israel, showcasing a variety of places, people and themes and enabling people who want to be here in Israel, to visit from their salons or dens.

A truly special, unique and cost effective way for everyone to "visit" Israel!

It is also a great way to see places and hikes so you know what to expect before you go there on day trips!

The site has a subscription fee and regularly sends you more and more tours.

The tours also come with informative and fun 'Discovery Zone' worksheets created by Tali Tarlow (of Israel ScaVentures) - great for all ages!

LoveLoveIsrael will be premiering 'Israel is Beautiful' at Ein Prat on Thursday Dec 17 at 16:00 on our Facebook Page and Instagram!


If you would like to receive the accompanying worksheets for free - please email: with the subject - Ein Prat Worksheet Please!

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