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Ein Hardalit

Location: East Nahariya/ Western Galil

Wet Hike

Suitable for families

Recommended by David Felberg

In the western Galilee and looking for a cool wet place to enjoy for a few hours? Check out Ein Hardalit.
Enter "עין חרדלית" in WAZE. It's East of Nahariya, just off Route 70ת part of the Kziv river and National Park, but it's FREE. Drive to the end of the narrow road (a branch of road 8911), and look for parking. There's a small parking lot left of the gate, or just pull up tight on the right shoulder. During the summer the place is very attractive, so either get there early or join the masses.
From the gate (near the pump station), follow the path to the water (4 minute walk). Once there, you can go left or right. Wading through the water is preferable. If you go right (east) you can walk for a while to try to get away from the more crowded areas. The river is shaded, and the water level is around knee-high (though some spots might be a little deeper). It's suitable for all ages, and till the river it's also carriage-friendly. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: David Felberg

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