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Updated: Apr 3, 2020




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Damion Schogger

‘We enjoyed a fantastic jeep tour of Eilat’s Red Mountains yesterday which we’d recommended to anyone visiting the local area. Led by the charming Didier and Hanna from Eilat Action, this 4-hour jeep tour provided education about the geological and geographical region spanning four countries in a small area. The multi-coloured mountains are incredible, offering such a fascinating insight into their development and the journeys undertaken by the Israelites and others. We enjoyed a stunning sunset, before laffas, houmous, toasted marshmallows, Bedouin tea, and baclava (all kosher) over a camp fire, all of which which our kids loved. Added bonus -photos are included in the price and emailed to you afterwards’


Off the beaten track in Eilat – seeing Eilat in a way you have never seen or experienced before!


Chanukah 2016

I have to admit that usually if we go to Eilat, we do very little except swim in the pool…but this time we wanted to experience the beautiful scenery. After great reviews on LoveLoveIsrael, we decided to ‘jeep’ through the desert with Didier and Hanna. It was totally breathtaking and worth every shekel.


The first great thing about it, is that the jeep comes directly to your hotel and collects you. We were in a big group of friends with children aged 4-13 and 6 adults, divided into three jeeps. There was another small group of people we didn’t know in one of the jeeps, but this didn’t matter at all and in fact the older kids went in that jeep and sat in the open part at the back and had a really thrilling time! They had warned us that the desert gets very cold at night and we came prepared with our coats. We were actually lucky that the particular evening we went was slightly milder than other evenings that week but we still needed them.


Our guides pointed out all sorts of interesting tings along the way that we would never have known without them. We saw how trees survive in the desert, and learnt the names of the mountains. The ride was bumpy and fun without being too rough! Our younger kids were strapped in but they had to hold on tight. We loved the bumpy climb up the rocky riverbed and getting out to the most stunning views! Hanna took photos of the group and of the views and emailed them all to us which was really special. After taking us up an amazing mountain we got out and watched the most incredible sunset. Then we drove down the mountain and lit a fire, toasted marshmallows, and as it was chanukah, of course we all enjoyed doughnuts as well as some other tasty treats. To top it all, Didier lit a spectacular home made ch



Top tip: don’t wear your best clothes…you will need to wash it all if you get close to the fire 😉


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