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Dolphin Reef Eilat

Updated: Apr 1, 2020




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“Always fun, not cheap but between the dolphins and the nice beach, plenty to do for all ages”


DOLPHIN REEF EILAT, situated on the shores of the Red Sea, is a unique site in Israel and throughout the world where visitors can enjoy a natural atmosphere, magical views, and a private beach, together with the unusual opportunity of meeting and observing dolphins in their natural habitat.

A group of “bottlenose” dolphins, including babies born at the site, maintain their daily routine of hunting, playing, courting and socializing. They are free to choose between human company or to continue their daily routine in the group. The fact that the dolphins choose to be with us reinforces, in our opinion, the true bond created between them and us.

Visitors can enjoy getting close to the dolphins from our floating piers and observation points or during one of our guided swims or dives, suitable to anyone who is not afraid of getting wet.

Contact with people is based on the free will and choice of the dolphins. Their choice to approach guided groups of swimmers or divers is not based on any reinforcement by feeding during these encounters. It is worth mentioning that the dolphins continually develop an even stronger connection with humans based only on curiosity, play, and spontaneous interaction.

The desire to deepen the bond between man and his environment is put into practice at the Dolphin Reef in a different way than in other places in the world, starting with the physical conditions at the site and continuing with the warm attitude towards the dolphins.

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