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Diamond Borsa Tour

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Tel Aviv


Recommended by:

Shlomit Hazan Stern

“Organized tour at the diamond district in Ramat Gan- kids ages 12 and up. Information in Hebrew but tour available also in English and other languages”


Our tour starts with a visit to the diamond museum. This new and attractive museum unveils the mysteries of the diamond such as how is diamond formed and why are diamonds so expensive? We will learn how to recognize the value of a diamond and understand how the worldwide diamond trade has its own unique business rules that are rooted in its rich history. The next station is a tour in a working diamond polishing factory. After learning the different polishing stages of the making of diamonds every participant acquires a deeper understanding of the diamond’s value. The vast collection of diamond that will be shown will teach you the fine nuances from all aspects.

At last here will be an opportunity to to see our showroom of diamonds and jewelry. For those intrested there is a possibility to purchase diamond jewelry at the polishing factory directly at factory prices.

The tour is offered in Hebrew, English, French and Dutch. Guided by Emile Kohn, Gemologist.

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