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Dialogue in the Dark

Updated: Mar 31, 2020


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Recommended by:

Dahlia Frohwein Rosenberg

“This is brilliant! but its for 9 year olds and up, my teenagers loved it! you have to phone and book in advance, well worth it! You’re walking around in the Pitch Black with a Walking stick and experiencing what people without sight go through every day of their lives!” 


Dialogue in the Dark gives visitors insight into what it’s like to be blind. The guides, who themselves are either visually impaired or completely blind, open visitors’ eyes to their world, and help them understand that they are not “handicapped,” but simply different. Equipped only with a cane, visitors go through the hall, experiencing the world in complete darkness. At the end of the visit, they gather for a conversation (still held in the dark), with their blind guide. The conversation deals with the matters such as disability, coping, senses and life in general. The museum, which employs some 30 blind guides, is the largest employer of blind people in Israel. Since 2004, some 400,000 people have experienced this dialogue, and it is far from over. The exhibition is open to groups and families (minimum age is 9).

You must prebook.

Entrance to the activity is in groups of 10 participants. The tour lasts approximately an hour and fifteen minutes.


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