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Desert Shepherd

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Jeep Travel and Adventure all over Israel!

Locations: Jerusalem, All Over Israel

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Carin Stein Travers 

Just got home from the most AMAZING Judean Desert tour with the Desert Shepherd. Thanks to this group we chose Liav (tour guide) after chatting to him over the phone – he sounded enthralled by his topic – I was right. . Interesting, full of fun, easy going – nothing was too much trouble! – a fantastic 5 hours of information & stories all the way. I wish I had time to book him for more tours.


When? Thursday nights from 17:30-23:00

Where? Ella Valley

Who for? Families (rec age children 6-13yrs)

Price: 80 shekel per person

The experience begins with a self-prepared dinner with cut veggies, tasty spreads and freshly-made pita bread over the saj, Awesome activity for the children - and the parents!

Then the children will be given small flashlights and set off into the night and go animal searching. We may spot wild hyena, gazelles, porcupines, snakes, and more...

We will finish off this unique experience with s'mores and marshmallows over the fire!

This activity is run according to the Health Ministry's current guidelines!

Liav Levi is also running Summer wine tours on Fridays for adults in the Ella Valley region - so be in touch to arrange!

Can also help you celebrate your simcha - contact them for details!


Off-road driving is the most awesome way to see Israel! Join us and  get close to the unique sites which are hidden in the desert or mountains – where only a 4 Wheel Drive can go. We will lead you through it all on full or half day trips not far from Jerusalem.

Family Time

For many families, coming to Israel means finally carving out “family time”. Time to spend with each other, time to bond and have fun,  time to learn and acquire new experiences, and most importantly time to create lasting memories. We will create a personalized day suited to the range of ages and interests of your family so that every one will enjoy it!

Let us to take you and your family jeeping, hiking, rappelling and rock climbing. We can even make our own fresh pita bread on the saj and dine together.

We can take you on a tour all over Israel! Every region in Israel has its own uniqueness and we will guide you through them all

Ella Valley

Ella valley has history, bible stories,  crawling caves, and rappelling adventures.

Judean Desert

Judean Desert- a trip through history, Bedouins, water cisterns, scapegoat cliffs, ancient monasteries and amazing desert scenery.

Jerusalem mountains

Jerusalem mountains  – visit the springs and learn about the history.

Mitzpe Ramon

Mitzpe Ramon- the land of craters, a trip to the core of the earth, geology, history, fun, adventure and more…

You can add rappelling, climbing,  pita-making lunch to any tour package.

  1. To watch more videos about Desert Shepherd, click here! 

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